Before you read: Please note that all the passwords, codes, account numbers, etc… displayed in this guide are not actual but made only for demonstration purposes to answer questions regarding how to use the platform.

To set up double factor authentication, click the icon on the right top corner of the page and choose Setting:


Once the settings’ page load, you need to select the Two-factor authentication type. Click on the Dropbox menu and select “Google Authenticator”:


A pop-up window will open including instructions on how to set up the Two-factor authentication as the following:



1. Depending on which device you have, download the app either on Google Play or App store:

For Android:

For Apple devices:

2. Once you have downloaded the app and accessed it you will need to add the code to the list of codes. You can either manually enter the code or scan it via the scan option:



Enter a name for the code you’re adding (you can add any text you desire) and the code.




Once you have successfully added the code, the code will show up.


Put the code you see in Google Authenticator to the field on your 2FA Genesis Vision setup page and the password to your GV account.



Once you have clicked on “Activate”, the screen with recovery codes will appear. Please carefully save them any way you like: another device, write them down, etc. You will need these codes in case something happens to your device with the Google Authenticator app.


Congratulations! Now you have successfully added the 2FA code to your account! Whenever you perform certain operations such as withdrawals, you’ll be asked to enter the secret code to better secure your funds and account! 

Note: We advise you to verify your account. In case you lose access to your device with the Google Authenticator app and could not find the recovery codes you will need to contact the support team via e-mail or via live chat. If your account is verified the 2FA recovery process will be easier and take less time. The instructions on how to pass KYC could be found here.