First of all, you need to choose a Program to invest in. For that follow to the Programs' page.

Here you can check the rating of the most profitable Programs, the most popular ones, and the most reliable ones. You can also filter the Programs by your criteria: the currency of the Program, age, profitability, etc.

Click on the Program you like to see all the details. On the Program page, you can see the manager of the Program, it's level, age, currency, the broker the manager uses for trading, strategy, and many more. You can add it to favorites and set the notifications.

The level of the Program shows the reliability of the manager. You can read more about the levels if you click on the level number:

Before investing check the fees and the available to invest amount. Read about each parameter by setting the arrow to the name of it.

Sometimes the available to invest amount could be 0. In this case, you can click Notify to send you a notification when it is available to invest in this Program.

Before investing you should also check the Program period duration. All the investment requests are accepted only at the end of the current period. So in the Statistics section, you can see how long till the period end (note that the manager can close the period earlier manually). A lot of other information about the Program could be found there as well and also, if you point the arrow to the parameter, you will see the description. 

The chart can show the profit in % and in absolute meaning, it can also show the chart by balance. You can choose the currency of the display and to see the profit in different time frames. 

Below you can see the open trades, all the trades of the Program, and period history. On the right, you can see the delay the manager set for displaying his trades.

When you decide to invest in a Program, hit the invest button.

In the window opened choose the wallet to invest from, the amount, check the fees and press the Confirm button. Note: your request will be accepted at the end of the reporting period, the date and time will be shown under the Confirm button after you set the investment amount.

Now your request is sent and you only need to wait till it's accepted!

If you change your mind before your request is accepted, you can cancel it on your Dashboard.

Good luck!