To create a Program point to the Dashboard sign and choose Trading:


Once the Trading section opens, scroll down to see the option to create a Program:



Now you need to select the broker. Remember, that for Roboforex and Exante you will need your account to be verified. Click the Continue button after you select a broker.



You’ll be taken to a new page which will ask you to enter all the new Program’s details such as the Program’s name, account type, description, etc... 


Choose the currency for your Program, period (1-90 days), Stop out level and trades delay if you wish your trades to be displayed on your Program page with a delay.


Set the fees: Management fee and Success fee. The description for each fee could be found there as well. Management fee could be from 0% to 20%, Success fee - 0% to 50%. 

If you wish to set a limit for investments to your Program, you can set it here as well. For that, you will need to put a tick near the "Investment limit" and set the amount. This limit could be changed at any time in Program settings.

Deposit a minimum amount required or more to your Program (the minimum required deposit depends on your broker choice) and click the Create Program button.

P.S. Please make sure to fill all the details as much precise and as much descriptive as possible in order to keep your investors or participants well informed and to increase your success chances!

Now your program is created! Happy trading!